Becky Lynch beats Asuka in a No Holds Barred match

The brutal match saw all sorts of objects being used like tables, chairs, sticks and trash can. There was also a spot where Asuka super plexed Lynch onto a bed of chairs from the top rope. Asuka also placed a trash can, which she brought with her to the match, over Lynch’s head and hit her rival with a top rope dropkick.

Becky Lynch piles up chairs and sets up a table before the match even begins in anticipation of her opponent. However, Asuka doesn’t come to the ring empty-handed. Touting a big trash can with her.

Asuka chucking the trash can on Lynch followed by a descending dropkick. Becky sets up a steel chair in the corner but Asuka dodges the attack. Asuka uses the chair to her advantage and tries to suplex Lynch onto the pile of chairs but Becky manages to throw Asuka onto the pile of chairs

Asuka delivers a running hip attack on Becky Lynch

Asuka places the trash can over Becky’s head and delivers some stiff kicks right to her head

Asuka responds to the crowd’s chants for tables as she pulls one out from beneath the ring. Asuka pulls out an umbrella from under the ring and uses it as a Kendo stick on Lynch

Asuka climbs to the top rope, but Becky catches up with her. The two are perched up on the top rope when Becky Lynch Manhandle Slams Asuka from the top rope through the table and Becky Lynch wins Via Pin Fall